Our Services

Comprehensive property management services for all of your needs


Periodic inspections as required. 

Maintenance and Repair

Arrange any necessary maintenance or repair to the Subject Property (including appliances, plumbing, electrical, walls, floors, painting, plaster and dry wall, carpeting, windows, and any other repairs or maintenance) that may be required and is the obligation of the owner to repair. All to be done at Owner’s expense and in addition, a 10% convenience charge will be applicable and billed to Owner. 


Complete responsibility for all emergency servicing. 

Tenant Relations

  • Co-ordination of Move-In, Move-Out of tenants. 
  • Attending to tenant complaints and problems. 
  • Dealing with tenant service and repair requests. 
  • Preparation and service of Notice by Landlord of Early termination for Breach of Obligations by Tenant (excluding disbursements). 
  • Preparation and service of any other forms as necessary (excluding disbursements). 
  • Retain agent to pursue application to The Landlord and Tenant Board if necessary and as instructed by Owner and at Owner’s expense. 


  • Supervising and controlling prompt collection of rent. 
  • Prompt attempts at arrears collection. 
  • Preparation and service of Notices, including Notice by Landlord of Early Termination for Non-Payment of Rent (excluding disbursements); 
  • Follow-up with collection agency actions where judgment obtained against vacated tenant (as instructed). 
  • Retain agent to pursue application to The Landlord and Tenant Board if necessary and as instructed by Owner and at Owner’s expense. 

Rental Increases

  • Monitoring all rent increases, permitted by law. 
  • Calculation of rental increases, as permitted by law. 
  • Calculation and service of all notices and forms with respect to rental increases. 

Vacant Unit Preparation

  • Supervise, inspect and prepare the Subject Property for re-renting at additional fee of $50.00 per inspection (excluding disbursements). 
  • Arrange and supervise repairs or maintenance required to put the Subject Property in suitable condition for re-renting.

Tenant Applications

  • Credit and reference checks (excluding disbursements). 
  • Income verification and evaluation of prospective (new) tenants (excluding disbursements). 

Leasing of Property

  • Arrange listing for lease with Big City Realty Inc. Brokerage and BCR Property Management Website
  • Place ads in various websites and on Managing Agent website: www.bigcityrealty.ca 
  • Agent shall accept calls and e-mails from prospective Tenants
  • Show unit to prospective Tenants
  • Accept applications
  • Applicant screening: Conduct credit checks, criminal checks, verify employment, previous landlord(s). 
  • Managing Agent shall provide and sign lease with tenant with approval of Owner
  • Pictures will be taken on move out/move in, move out condition checklists will be used
    • Any photos of the Subject Property taken by the Managing Agent shall remain the property of the Managing Agent and the Owner even after termination of this agreement.
  • Signage: The Owner agrees to allow the Managing Agent to install a sign on the Subject Property at the expense of the Managing Agent.
  • The Managing Agent will take all appropriate steps to ensure the maximum possible revenue is received from the Subject Property. However, the Owner accepts all risks which arise from the ownership of rental property. This includes, but is not limited to, the risks of vacancy, damages, NSF cheques, unpaid rent and any unlawful act committed by any person who is not an employee of the Managing Agent.

Management and Administration

  • Ensuring that the Owner’s rights are protected under The Residential Tenancies Act and other applicable legislation. 
  • Dealing with all tax, insurance, mortgage and municipal matters affecting the Subject Property.
  • Respond to all routine correspondence. 
  • Maintain tenant and management files. 

Cost Control

Budgeting and allocation of available revenue. 


  • Setting up and maintaining bank trust account and deposit book. 
  • Complete responsibility for all accounts payable including taxes, water and sewage, mortgages etc. if applicable; and preparing and delivering all cheques to service the Subject Property. 
  • Making all deposits and deposit documents. 
  • Maintaining comprehensive set of bookkeeping files. 

Financial and Management Reporting

  • Preparation and delivery to Owner of Statements of Income and Expenses, Detailed Transaction Reports, Tenant Ledgers and Histories, Budgets and other bookkeeping statements that may be required from time to time. 
  • Regular (monthly) reports from the Managing Agent.