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BCR Property Management: Expert Vacant Unit Preparation Services

At BCR Property Management, we know how important it is to quickly get vacant units ready to rent again, making sure they are appealing to potential renters and following all the rules, such as not paying the home vacancy tax. Our specialized vacant unit preparation service can turn any property into a warm and inviting place that stands out in the crowded renting market.

Why Vacant Unit Preparation is Essential

Preparing a vacant unit goes beyond simple cleaning. It’s about creating an inviting atmosphere that potential tenants can envision as their home. Properly prepared units rent faster, often at a higher rate, and help landlords avoid costs associated with prolonged vacancies, such as the home vacancy tax — a levy imposed in some areas on properties left vacant for a significant amount of time.

Our Vacant Unit Preparation Services

Here are some of the things that BCRPM can do to get your rental home ready for the next tenant:

Repairs and Maintenance

To make sure the unit is in great shape, our team can do a deep clean and repairs anything that needs fixing*.

Changes and Improvements

We do thorough property inspections and offer changes that will make it look better and raise its value without spending too much money. 

Compliance Checks

Get your place in line with all local housing rules and laws to avoid fines and find responsible renters.

Choose BCRPM for Vacant Unit Preparation

When you work with us, vacant unit preparation is taken care of by professionals who know how to quickly get properties ready to rent again. This way, you can get the most out of your investment while reducing the time and costs of being vacant.

Our approach to re-renting is proactive and strategic. We understand the local market dynamics and work tirelessly to ensure your property does not remain vacant for long. BCR Property Management is your partner in not just preparing your unit but ensuring it is re-rented quickly, to reliable tenants, at an optimal rental rate.

Ready to Prepare Your Vacant Unit?

Let BCR Property Management take care of getting your vacant unit ready for rent. Our knowledge makes sure that your home is not only ready for the next renter but also hard for them to say no to.

*Subject to Landlord’s approval of expense.