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Property Management in Pickering

Are you looking for property management companies in Pickering? For property management in Pickering, BCR Property Management is the best choice. We’re an excellent, trusted property management company for Pickering town center and its encompassing area, and we can make our services fit your needs in a number of ways.

What We Do?

  • Inspections: Make sure your Pickering home stays in great shape through regular inspections.
  • Repairs and Maintenance: We take care of all the repairs and maintenance that your property needs, keeping its value high.
  • Services for Emergencies: We are ready to take care of any pressing upkeep issues, which shows how dedicated we are to providing excellent property management.
  • Relations with Tenants: Taking care of everything related to tenants, from moving in and out to complaints and service requests.
  • Collection of Rent: Making sure that rent is collected on time
  • Rent: Putting in place rent rises that are legal.
  • Unoccupied Unit Management: Preparing a vacant unit for new renters means making sure the properties look appealing and are well taken care of.
  • Process for Applying to Be a Tenant: Checking possible tenants’ backgrounds, credit scores, and qualifications carefully.
  • Leasing: Actively handling real estate ads and keeping an eye on the lease process.
  • Management and Administration: Making sure that the Residential Tenancies Act is followed and taking care of all cash and city issues that come up.


BCR Property Management is a full-service Pickering property management company committed to making sure your real estate investments are successful. Choose BCR Property Management for the most professional and effective service possible.

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