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Got a place you’re renting out or managing? Keeping it in great shape can be a lot of work. That’s where we come in. We at BCR Property Management know how important it is to have a full home inspection to keep your home safe and it’s worth high. 

Our home inspection services meet the needs of landlords and tenants. Through our home inspections, you can manage your home and start repairs early. 

What We Do

Here at BCR Property Management, our house inspection services include the following:

  • We make sure that your lights turn on, your taps run clear, and your AC keeps you cool.
  • From the exterior to the interior, we look at everything to make sure it’s all in good condition.
  • We’re on the lookout for anything that could be a danger, like gas leaks or fire hazards.



Our Home Inspection Process

  • Initial Consultation: Figuring out what you need and setting up an inspection.
  • Inspection of the Entire Property: Our inspectors look at your property from every angle.
  • Full Reporting: Giving a full, clear report of what we found, along with any maintenance or repair ideas.
  • Follow-Up: When we follow up, we’ll give advice on what to do next.

Why Choose BCR Property Management?

  • Knowledge: The skilled inspectors on our team bring a lot of information and experience to every job covering every part of the building.
  • Client-Focused: Our services and support are tailored to your needs so that your happiness and needs come first.
  • Transparency: How much does a home inspection cost? At BCRPM, we like to be honest and open. The price of a home inspection can change depending on how big and old the house is, but we give you a clear price quote upfront so there are no shocks.
  • Timeliness: How long does a home inspection take? Based on the size and state of the property, a BCRPM check can last anywhere from two to four hours. We promise to pay attention and act quickly, so you can get the information you need right away.


Property Management Home Inspection Services

Are You Ready to Set up Your Home Inspection?

Contact BCR Property Management right away to set up a full inspection of your house. The people on our team are ready to do a skilled and thorough inspection of your property. With BCR Property Management, you can feel safe in your own home, raise its value, and have peace of mind.

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