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Our standard program management fees range from 6% to 9% + HST depending on the type of property and cover all your essential needs as an investment property owner. We also offer enhanced services that provide extra protection for your investment property such as annual and periodic inspections. We work with landlords to determine what works best for them and work within their budget.

We manage all residential property types, including single-family homes, condo suites, townhouses, and multi-residential units.

We are 25 strong and growing!

Give us a call at 905-604-7200 and once you’ve reached out to us, we will put you in touch with one of our experienced Sales Managers. If you decide that our services are right for you, you’ll be asked to sign our standard Management Agreement and provide us with important information about your investment property. Then, we can get started!

In general, you will receive your remittance within 2 business days from the rent due date. We offer your tenant multiple options for methods of rent payment (e-transfer, post-dated cheques, direct deposit, etc.). Once the due funds are received on our end, your monthly payment will be deposited directly into a bank account of your choice. The funds you receive will be the balance ‘left over’ from that month (i.e., the rent you received, minus your standard monthly fees and any other charges to your account, such as maintenance items).

Experience: Our team screens many tenant applications per month and works with potential tenants to place them in the properties we manage. We handle different leasing situations with a high degree of scrutiny and attention to detail. Our team has the experience necessary to identify red flags, troubleshoot and problem-solve, and always get the job done in the best possible way.

A dedicated Tenant Screening Department: We have a dedicated tenant screening department comprised of staff trained to find you the best possible tenant(s) for your property.
Knowledge of current industry trends and standards: We are fully up to date in terms of understanding Landlord & Tenant Board requirements and documentation, and navigating the paperwork surrounding a variety of possible leasing scenarios. In fact, we use our own, customized lease addendum (in conjunction with the standard RTA Rental Agreement) that has been designed to protect our clients’ and tenants’ interests as thoroughly as possible. At BCR Property Management Inc., we do everything in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Expert-level marketing: We know how to best list your property towards your desired outcome. We will take into consideration every detail down to which photos should be used in the listing, which websites your listing should be posted on, what verbiage will generate the desired interest in the property, and so much more.


All-Inclusive Solutions For Landlords

Property Maintenance

Our recurrent maintenance cycles ensure that your home is cared for year-round.

Tenancy Procurement

We’ll help you to prepare and position your unit on the market the effectively bring forward qualified applicants. Our screening team will review the applications and present the most suitable candidates for you to review and approve.

Property Insurance

Our insurance providers can offer you appropriate coverage that is tailored to landlords. Whether your property is vacant, rented, or under renovations, we’ll ensure its protected.

Property Repairs

Whether it’s reactionary or preventative, we’ll help diagnose the issue and resolve it as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Rent Collection

We offer many convenient ways for your tenants to pay their rent. If they’re having difficulties, we’ll find out why, and work to resolve the issue.  

Non-Resident Tax

As a non-resident, your tax obligations can be overwhelming, we’ll help you manage the demands of CRA in relation to your investment properties.

Property Inspections

We’ll arrange detailed property inspections when tenants move in and move out, we’ll also inspect while tenanted – either annually or bi-annually, it’s up to you. The inspections will include notes and photos, so you can see how your investment is being maintained from anywhere in the world.  

Tenant Response

It’s our company policy to reply to all enquiries same day – whether you’re a client or a tenant. On evenings, weekends and holidays, we have an after-hours emergency response operator ready to assist.  

Paralegal Services

From time to time, our in house mediators aren’t enough. If we need to call on a paralegal or a lawyer, we’re connected with some of the best in the city. 

Online Reporting

Using our online client portal, you can review monthly and yearly financial statements, check invoices, and see inspection reports from your smart phone or laptop.

Conflict Resolution

Property management is inherently personal. Not only is it your biggest investment, but it’s also your tenants’ home. When difficult situations arise, we help mediate with empathy and clear communication.



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