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Welcome to BCR Property Management, your go-to property management company in Toronto, Ontario. We offer a wide range of services that are suited to the needs of property owners in the GTA.

As a reputable supplier of property management services in Toronto, we recognize how crucial it is to preserve and increase the value of your real estate holdings. Our devoted team is committed to providing excellent services that maximize the potential of your properties and guarantee your peace of mind.

Our Property Management Services

Because of the extensive knowledge our staff has of the Toronto real estate market, we are able to offer comprehensive residential property management services in Toronto that are tailored to the individual requirements of GTA property owners. To meet your goals, our property management services cover all of the following:

      • Inspections: Your property should be inspected regularly to make sure it is well-kept and any problems are taken care of quickly.

      • Maintenance and Repair: Timely maintenance and repairs to keep your properties in top condition and prevent costly damage.

      • Emergencies: 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency service to handle unplanned events quickly and effectively.

      • Tenant Relations: Dealing with renter complaints and disagreements professionally.

      • Collections: Effective rent collection to increase your income and lower the number of late payments.

      • Rental Increases: Changing your rental rates in a smart way to make the most money for you.

      • Vacant Unit Preparation: Quickly getting empty units ready for new renters.

      • Tenant Applications: Background checks and screenings for applicants have been streamlined as part of the renter application process.

      • Leasing of Property: Professional marketing and leasing tactics to get and keep good tenants.

      • Management and Administration: Full property management services that take care of all administrative tasks.

      • Cost Control: Using methods that save money without lowering the quality of the property.

      • Bookkeeping: Keeping accurate and clear records of your money for your peace of mind.
      • Financial and Management Reporting: You can get detailed financial and management records to help you make smart choices.

    Why Choose Us for Property Management in Toronto, Ontario

    Our commitment to excellence is evident through:

      • Experience: We have a history of handling a variety of properties in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
      • Professionalism: In all of our encounters, we act in the most professional way possible.
      • Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge property management software for efficiency and transparency.
      • Personalized Service: We make sure that your experience is unique by tailoring our services to your needs.
      • Local Knowledge: A deep understanding of the areas in Toronto that can give you useful information and direction.
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