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BCR Property Management: Navigating Rental Increases with Expertise

It can be hard to handle rental increases, but we at BCR Property Management know how to do it properly. This process isn’t just about making sure the business makes money, it’s also about keeping good ties with renters. 

Our carefully thought-out set of services is here to help you with the details of changing your rent. We work hard to be fair, help you understand, and follow the rent control rules in your area. Our goal is to make the process as easy and clear as possible for everyone.

Why Rental Increases are Necessary

Rental increases are an essential part of property management for several reasons. They help property owners keep up with market trends, cover increased costs of property maintenance, and improve property value through upgrades and renovations. However, implementing rent increases must be done thoughtfully to maintain tenant satisfaction and adherence to legal standards.

How to Calculate Rental Increase?

To calculate a rental increase, multiply the current rent by the percentage increase you wish to apply, and add the result to the current rent. You can use a rental increase calculator for that. The percentage increase should be in line with recent market comparables. For assistance on determining a healthy rental increase, contact us! 

Our Approach to Rental Increases

Market Analysis

We do a lot of research on the market to find fair and competitive rental prices. This way, your home will continue to be appealing to both present and potential renters.

Legal Compliance

Our experts stay updated on the latest rent control laws to ensure rental increases comply with local regulations. Rent control is a government policy limiting how much landlords can charge for properties, aimed at maintaining affordable housing and preventing steep rent hikes.

Open Communication

We think that renters should be told clearly and early on about possible rent increases, along with the reasons for them and how the new rate is determined. This is done with adherence to provincial rules and regulations regarding rent increase.

Sending a Notice of Rental Increase

A rent increase notice is an official letter that tells renters that their rent is going to go up. BCR Property Management makes sure that these letters are written in a way that follows local laws and states the new rent amount and when it will be applicable, along with any other information that is needed.

Why Should You Choose BCRPM for Your Rental Increases?

When you work with BCR Property Management, you get a partner who knows how to handle rent increases professionally and honestly. Our method not only follows the law but also puts a high priority on keeping good relationships with tenants, which will help your business succeed in the long run.

Are You Ready to Handle Rental Increases Without Hassle?

If you need to raise your rent, choose us. We consider compliance, fair price, and clear communication. This makes the process easy for both property owners and renters.