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BCRPM Arrears and Rent Collection Services

When it comes to managing properties, ensuring timely collection of rent and arrears is crucial. As a part of BCR Property Management, our collection services specialize in full collection of arrears to protect your financial interests and treat everyone involved with dignity and respect.

Our approach to payments is a mix of being firm and caring, so your tenants know how important their promises are without feeling like they aren’t being respected.

Our Collection of Rent Services

What is a collection agency in general? A collection agency is a company that goes after people who owe money on their account and tries to get them to pay their past-due bills by calling and writing letters, among other things. Legal rules make sure that these debt collection companies follow fair arrears collection methods.

We know that in challenging property management, collecting rent and past-due fees stands out as a delicate job that needs a nuanced approach. We are good at this, and at BCRPM we offer a range of services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of owners and property managers. Need to collect arrears? We are here to help:

Rent Collection that Works

Our methods make sure that rent is collected on time, every time, so your cash flow isn't harmed.

Arrears Recovery

To get back past-due rent, we use smart, polite methods that focus on solutions that help both owners and renters.

Communication with Renters

Clear and fair communication with renters is our top priority, fostering good relationships and protecting your financial interests.

Our Arrear Collection Process

Our collection process is designed to be as efficient as possible while minimizing disputes. The stages are the following:

Initial Assessment

To begin, we check to see how much rent each renter has paid and how much is still owed. This sets the stage for a personalized collection plan.

Personalized Communication

We do our best to find mutually beneficial relationships when communicating with tenants. How? We use a personalized and respectful approach.

Flexible Payment Solutions

We take some time to understand each tenant’s situation and offer flexible payment arrangements that will be beneficial for both sides.

Ongoing Support

During the arrear collection process, our team is available to both landlords and renters for questions, reports, and extra help.

why us?

BCRPM stands out for its commitment to ethical, effective collection practices. Our team combines years of experience in financial management with a deep understanding of the property sector, making us uniquely equipped to handle your collection needs. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and empathy, ensuring that every interaction reflects positively on your brand.

Ready to Streamline Your Collection?

Don’t let the challenge of rent and arrears collection detract from the value of your property investment. Contact BCRPM today to learn more about how we can help you maintain a steady cash flow while fostering positive relationships with your tenants.